Taekwondo Founding Father Visiting Marysville Washington

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Marysville, July 21 & 22 2018—Taekwondo’s last living founder, Supreme Master Kim Bok
Man will be holding a special seminar for students and instructors over the weekend of July 21-
22nd from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM each day. The seminar will be held at Kung Fu Northwest located
at, 804 Cedar Ave, Marysville, Washington 98270. This historic event requires a pre-registration
through https://marysvillemartialarts.com/bok-man-kim. This registration will include a fee of
$75.00 for one day, or $130.00 for both.

Sifu Carlton Doup, hosting master, is elated to be holding this rare event for which he shared, “it
is an absolute honor and privilege to host Supreme MasterKim Bok Man’s visit to the Pacific
Northwest. This is a historic event, and a rare opportunity to learn from a man who is the most
direct, knowledgeable, and authentic link to the formation of Taekwondo.”
As mentioned, this event is rare and may be the last opportunity students in Washington State
have to train with Supreme Master Kim. Training will include self-defense, fundamentals and
weapons forms. Also, offered on Sunday is a special bonus session for students who attend both

For those unclear of his knowledge, Kim Bok Man spent many years in the Rok Army where he
trained in Martial Arts, fought in combat and thus co-created the Korean art of Taekwondo. He,
alongside a handful of comrades including General Choi, developed the art that students, instructors
and masters continue to practice each day. The title ‘founding father’ is quite literal. Supreme Master Kim is the last living creator and is by far the
most knowledgeable educator of Taekwondo today.

When asked about his visit, Supreme Master Kim had the following to say, “first of all, I would like to say that I am honored to return to Seattle,
Washington to teach a technical seminar about the art I have created, Chun Kuhn Taekwondo. It will be a pleasure to visit with the Masters and
Instructors I have not seen for so many years. I am proud and excited to show everyone my advanced form of Taekwondo which includes new
hand and foot techniques as well as a complete weapon system.”

During his time in Washington, he will be visiting three local schools besides Kung Fu Northwest. The schools included are Jungyae Martial Arts
of Kirkland, Universal Energy Martial Arts of Issaquah and Woodinville Martial Arts. The schools and instructors are included in
sponsoring and supporting the visit of Supreme Master Kim.

After each day of the seminar there will be a picture and book signing session immediately following the conclusion of training. Saturday, July 21st,
will also include a special 1 hour education session for instructors and masters on history and philosophy. Supreme Master will also be answering
questions during that time. The intimate education session will be open for all students on Sunday, July 22nd if they are enrolled in both days of the

Please contact Sifu Carlton Doup with any questions at cdoup@kungfunorthwest.com. Supreme Master Kim is looking forward to meeting Taekwondo
students from around Washington during his visit, so please register before July 15th to reserve your spot at the historic event.