Marysville’s Original “Mixed Martial Arts” School?

Carlton DoupMarysvilleMartialArts

Marysville Martial Arts has carved a niche as a unique institution dedicated to martial arts education. Established in 1996 as Jungyae Moosul Academy of Marysville, the school has a long-standing tradition of blending different martial arts styles. Intriguingly, the acronym “MMA” coincides with the term “Mixed Martial Arts,” a coincidence that merits clarification. While we are “MMA” by abbreviation, we are not a Mixed Martial Arts school, as understood in the modern sense.

Our origins trace back to Jungyae Moosul, an institution that brought a fresh perspective to martial arts by blending Korean (Non-Sport Taekwondo), Chinese (Kung Fu), Filipino (Taboada Balintawak, Anis Eskrima) and American (Boxing) styles. This eclectic approach distinguished us as the first in the Northwest to offer such a comprehensive curriculum, technically making us the region’s original ‘mixed martial arts’ school. However, it’s crucial to recognize how the landscape of what ‘MMA’ represents has shifted dramatically over the years. Originally, ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ referred to a broad range of martial arts styles, but it has now become synonymous with a specific type of competitive sport.

Today, MMA or ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ conjures images of cage fights and professional sports competitions such as UFC, ONE, and Pride. These contemporary interpretations of MMA focus heavily on stand-up fighting techniques like kickboxing, muay Thai, and boxing, as well as ground fighting skills such as wrestling and jiu-jitsu. Given these associations, identifying ourselves as a Mixed Martial Arts school could be confusing and misleading. The term’ Mixed Martial Arts’ has evolved to primarily refer to a specific type of competitive sport, which is a far cry from the comprehensive martial arts education we offer at Marysville Martial Arts.

It’s crucial to understand the nuance here. Many schools claiming to be MMA have deviated from the modern-day meaning of mixed martial arts, leading to some level of misrepresentation in the industry. At Marysville Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on our transparency and authenticity. Our curriculum encompasses a variety of martial arts, including kung fu, taekwondo, FMA, and traditional weaponry. However, our focus is not limited to the competitive fighting elements that are the trademarks of modern MMA. We want our audience to feel confident and informed about our offerings.

Our acronym may be the same, but the philosophy, methods, and focus that underlie our instruction are wholly distinct. And in a world where acronyms often have multiple interpretations, context becomes invaluable. Our ‘MMA’ stands proudly for Marysville Martial Arts, representing decades of commitment to martial arts education. Our most popular program, ‘Kung Fu 4 Kids,’ is particularly emblematic of this dedication. It is designed to not only teach martial arts techniques but also instill discipline, respect, and self-confidence in children, preparing them for the challenges of life.

Our commitment extends beyond teaching fighting techniques. We strive to provide a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures life skills in our youngest martial artists. Parents, our primary clients, trust us to instill values that will benefit their children in all aspects of life. Our team, mainly composed of passionate young adults, is adept at imparting these subtleties. They understand the essence of what sets Marysville Martial Arts apart from a conventional Mixed Martial Arts school, emphasizing our holistic approach to martial arts education.

Open dialogue with parents and students has always been a cornerstone of our approach. It ensures that everyone understands the unique educational experience we provide, clearly differentiating us from what many today would call a Mixed Martial Arts school.

It’s important to understand that not all MMA is created equal. We may share an acronym with Mixed Martial Arts, but our identity, focus, and dedication to martial arts as a holistic form of education set us apart. So, if you’re in the vicinity of Marysville, Washington and are seeking a martial arts education that is about more than just fighting, Marysville Martial Arts is the place to be. Come visit and discover the one-of-a-kind blend of martial arts styles that makes us uniquely, and proudly, MMA—Marysville Martial Arts. We are committed to providing the highest quality martial arts education, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.